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LED – LCD Screen Repair

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The LCD - LED screen is one of the most critical components of a laptop. Facing issues with your laptop screen? Broken? Cracked? Not Bright enough? We help you with all these issues.

Screens for All Models
You will never return void from Tri County Technical Services. We provide screen replacements and repairs for laptops across brands and models including MACs

Laptops require delicate handling and screen repairs need high precision. Going to a repair center with Untrained hands can hurt your laptop in a matter of seconds. This is where we become your ultimate choice. We are experienced in handling all your screen related issues with care and efficiency.

Affordable and Convenient

Here at Tri County Technical Services we are committed to protecting your rights as a consumer. Our invoices give you a list of details of the job that was performed. Be assured to receive quality servicing at competitive pricing. Our on-site servicing options can help you get your computers serviced from the comforts of your home or office.

Are you planning to buy a new laptop due to a screen problem? Come over to Tri County Technical Services and we’re sure you won’t regret getting your laptop fixed at minimal cost.

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